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 Now accepting applications for BVG Journalist and Photographers

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PostSubject: Now accepting applications for BVG Journalist and Photographers   Sun Jul 25, 2010 9:14 pm

Hey, are you good at writing stories or giving interviews?, are you really good at taking really nice pictures while in BABV that people thought you were a professional?

Well BVG wants YOU

BVG is now accepting applications for both Photographers and Journalists, for taking pictures in BABV and doing interviews and for catching the hottest news going on in babv, also interveiwing members here at BVG or for writing stories about what's going on with the latest in babv (when the special guests come in to town for the either the chloe rocks show or a special furry friend that has a special gift after completing a quest), and any new products that are coming out in BABW.

you might be asking yourself; "what's in it for me?, how do i benefit from this?". well here it goes, writing and taking pictures for BVG will kind of be like a skills training job; you would get the practice and skills you need, and i in return, will reward for each story submitted for instance for the journalists: 100 Gossip points per story printed in BVG. and for each really good, clear photo taken of babv: 75 gossip points, 100 for special guests, and a whopping 150 gossip points for a very good picture of either Maxine, green tracks, chloe rocks or miguel while they're in town; 200 if you can get them by themselves; per guest if you're able to =0). so that way, we both win =0).

PM me if you are interested in becoming either a Photographer or a Journalist. for the mean time; BVG will need 3 Journalist and 3 Photgraphers. Think of working for BVG as a steping stone in getting the skills you want if you ever apply to become part of a staff team at another forum.

oh btw; i will give recomendations for those that might need it. after you've submitted a few good stories or photo's =0)

Journalist's qualifications:
* able to express yourself through writing as clearly and imaginative as possible (ex: to be able to pull the audience into your story through descriptions that you write)

* Time fexibility is a must. In order to get the best story in babv, you gotta be available to get it. and since the gossip points are given more in a freelance sort of way, you don't get paid if you don't hand in your story to me or any of the other Admin's

* must be atleast 15 yrs old; writing skills are a must.

Photographers Qualifications:
* Must have good knowledge of GFX Skills (paint programs, editing, proper saving of pictures for clarity assurance).

* must be atleast 13 yrs of age; basic knowledge of paint program usage is a must.

*time flexibilty is a must; must atleast be available 2 out of the 4 saturdays a month to meet with me for any pics i might need, and atleast 4 out of the 7 days a week to meet with a Journalist incase they may be in need of your photographing skills to document an interview.

I will work out a schedule that will work for both of us.
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Now accepting applications for BVG Journalist and Photographers
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