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 In the future

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PostSubject: In the future   Mon Aug 01, 2011 9:37 am

Hi I am making a play on bearville
Sign up for parts script posting soon
The play is about four girls haily crystal Lindsay and Kelley go on a cruise and find a time machine and accidentally go to the future where they realize they can't leave without three elements and have only three days to find them so they meet some friends Blaire and Lizzie who offer to help them find the elements saying the first two are easy but the last is guarded by bess who is trying to desroy the world and the only way to get the element is to destroy bess will the girls finish in time find out!
Script coming soon
Main stars
Haily: me
Crystal: Sierrapainter6
Lindsay: Faithrainbow175
Kelley: TaraStarShine70

Violet (waiter):
Tess (hotel manager and hq leader):
Sierra (boutique owner):
Emma (cruise captain)
Bess ( mean girl trying to destroy world): ZiaAllHeart311

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In the future
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